Band Tower

The Band Tower is an amazing structure that our parent and family volunteers built over the past year.  We cannot thank everyone enough for their volunteering and dedication to the Northern Marching Band.  We are an amazing music family and community!!

BAND TOWER SPONSORS (listed in order of monetary contribution):

Thrivent Financial – Michael P. Smith, CFP
Miller’s Roofing
COR Construction Services
LEER ELectric
Baker Door Company
Golden Rentals
Lutrell Excavating
Kenneth B. Robinson & Associates
De Traglia Excavating, Inc.
Zimmerman’s Automotive
LOBAR Associates
Hempt Brothers
ECI Construction
RAS Engineering
Andrew Snell Concrete
Wessel’s Autos
Wood Mode, Inc.

Andy Sheffer, Northern’s Marching Band Director, wrote on Facebook:

We have been truly blessed this year with the completion of our amazing tower! We could not have done this alone. We had a lot of very dedicated dads and moms of the band who put in countless hours in that tower throughout the last year building the tower. We are very thankful for this tower and we cannot do our job without it. Thank you to all of the dads who worked on the tower for all of our hard work! We are extremely appreciative for the amazing work you all did. A special thank you needs to go out to Michael Paul Smith for setting everything up and arranging all of the little details going into the tower. He does not even have any more kids in the marching program any more, yet he still dedicated a lot of his time putting this together and working endless hours building it. Thank you so much for everything you do from the bottom of my heart for taking this project on. This week being able to be in the tower has really opened my eyes to the amazing support that we have in this music program from people who don’t even have kids in the program any more.

Again thank you all for your never ending support, and a very special thank you to Michael Paul Smith for the amazing tower that we are blessed to have.

Here e a few

pictures that represent all of the hard work: