Fundraising in a critical part of being a Music Booster Member.  Your participation in these fundraisers is critical to the success of all of our student's music activities.

While the district provides funds for all of our music programs the Boosters must supplement many of these programs. Various fundraisers are run throughout the year.

Some fundraisers benefit the music program as a whole,  while other fundraisers benefit your child directly. Each student will have a "student account" where money will be deposited based on your individual fundraising efforts.  Go to the Student Account page to learn more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelly McCartney at



Place ORDER FORMS with payment in the HS "Box". 

Cards will be sent home with your student (High School only).

Get them in $25 increments -- 5% of the value will go to your student's account.

Arrangements can be also be made by contacting:

~~Deb Bream at
~~Jamie Markle

R & K Sub SALEDue Sept 5

R & K Subs

Orders due Sept 6

Delivery Sept 17


SHEETZ Coupon BooksStudent Fundraiser - 50 LEFT!

Sheetz Coupon Books!



Penny War/Challenge - Band Camp
March for Music  - Band Camp
Restaurant Coupons - ongoing
Chicken BBQ - Sept 22
Car Wash - Summer/Fall 2019
Pickle Nickle - TBD 2019
Chinese Auctions - November
Stauffers Wreaths - November/December
Jeff's Jams & Salsas - TBD (November?)
Giving Bean Bags of Coffee - TBD (November?)
Holiday Gift Cards - November/December
Smitty Pretzel - TBD
Joe Corbi Pizza - January, 2020