Anyone can be a Music BOOSTER Member!

General Meetings: Typically held on the fourth Monday of each month.

General Meeting Minutes:

January 2018 NMB minutes
February 2018 NMB minutes
March 2018 NMB Minutes

Please join the Northern Music Boosters for a small donation of $1.00 per person each school year.  This small donation can come from a parent, grandparent, guardian, relative or friend of Northern music.  Your $1.00 will help support the various music programs at Northern, including marching band, school musicals, Indoor program, jazz band, chorus, orchestra, and so on.  Your membership will also give you a voice in the decision made by the Music Boosters.


PURPLE:  $250 to $499
WHITE:  $150 to $249
SILVER:  $50 to $149
POLAR CUB:  $1 to $49

The Northern Music Boosters, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Donations are tax deductible where allowable by law. 

NEW IDEAS will help us to achieve the goal to provide the BEST for our kids!

“Many hands make light work!”

but that can only happen if YOU help by actively participating.