In the spirit of fun and in trying to brighten one another’s days in a time of uncertainty, the Northern Music Boosters announces its
Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser!

For a $25 donation, we will deliver a flock of 25 pink flamingos to the yard of your choice, along with a “You’ve Been Flocked” yard sign and letter of explanation. (Your name will not be mentioned!) Your “victim” will have the chance to send the flock elsewhere ($25 donation) or to simply have it removed ($10 donation). Flocking Insurance is also available, to prevent the flock from landing in a yard more than once. We realize that not everyone is able to donate at this time, so the flock can also be removed at no cost to the “flockee” upon request.

To arrange for a flock to land, please contact Liz Kuzma,
lizmcnaddy@gmail.com or Shelly McCartney,
mccartneyshelly@gmail.com or northernmusicboosters3@gmail.com

Please include:

  1. Name and Address of person to be Flocked (within 15 miles of Northern High School, Please)
  2. Your name and phone number
  3. Special instructions (i.e., date of flocking for birthday surprise, etc. We will try our best to accommodate).

Send your check, made payable to Northern Music Boosters, to:
Northern Music Boosters
P.O. Box 46
Dillsburg, PA  17019.