Fundraising is a critical part of being a Northern Music Booster member. Your participation in these fundraisers is critical to the success of all of our student’s music activities. While the district provides funds for all of our music programs, the Northern Music Boosters must supplement many of these programs. Some fundraisers benefit the music program as a whole, while other fundraisers benefit your child directly.

Each student will have an account where money will be deposited based on your individual fundraising efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact the chairs of the Ways and Means and Fundraising Committee:  Liz Kuzma and Jill Sprigg.

An acceptable form of payment for all fundraisers is PayPal.  To pay, go to your PayPal account and use the email address nmbpolarbearmusic@gmail  for payment.  When paying via Paypal, be sure to choose the option SEND TO A FRIEND , instead of paying for goods and services (the Boosters will have to pay a fee).

Current Fundraisers