The Northern High School Music Department and the Music Boosters are planning the Disney 2021 trip!

Trip Dates: April 21 - 25, 2021

Northern Music Boosters Disney Trip

Dear Music Students and Families,

I hope that this letter finds you staying safe and enjoying some of the slower moments that life is offering these days.

By now, those of you who canceled your participation in the Music Department’s Disney trip should have received an email notification from Brightspark Travel. This email explained their financial
situation and the refund checks that you received. Brightspark, like many other small businesses, has experienced major losses during this pandemic and has had to restructure their business model to ensure payment of their debts. They are apologetic about the inconvenience and are working to rectify the situation. We have received word (as of yesterday) that it is now safe to cash your refund checks. Anyone
who incurred a charge for insufficient funds while trying to prematurely cash the refund check can use this address, customersupport@brightsparktravel.com, to contact them directly regarding having that fee repaid to you as well. This address should be your number one go-to with any questions you may have about the refund process. 

When you established your online account with Brightspark, you entered into a financial agreement with them. Neither the Northern York County School District nor the Northern Music Boosters can or
will be held responsible for any funds that have been exchanged.
 Brightspark will notify you directly with the most up to date information regarding your refund. The School District and the Music Boosters are not included in any of that private correspondence. We are not notified when checks will be sent, nor when checks should or should not be cashed.

We strongly urge you to please contact Brightspark Travel directly if you have questions regarding your refund.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding another aspect of the Disney trip, please contact Mrs. Bissell or Mrs. Allen, who have worked so hard to try to give our kids a great learning experience.

We are looking forward to helping our students make great music soon! Stay well and enjoy the rest of your summer.


Shelly McCartney
President, Northern Music Boosters

Northern Music Families,

Parents and students are beginning to have questions and concerns regarding the Coronavirus and how it may impact our upcoming trip. Please read the following message in its entirety from Brightspark Travel Company regarding our plans to travel to Orlando, Florida in April.

Brightspark/WorldStrides is evaluating each travel destination, carefully considering real-time information from our local ground teams across the globe, and guidance from the CDC, World Health Organization, and U.S. Department of State. We are parents and educators first and foremost. The safety and security of our travelers is, and always will be, our highest priority!

We will not allow students to travel if we don’t think it is safe to do so. Brightspark/WorldStrides is a large company with multiple security partnerships and significant resources devoted to proactive planning for the safety of our travelers. We have successfully addressed similar situations, including Ebola, SARS, and other worldwide health issues in the past, and our organization has an unparalleled safety record over more than 50 years due to the resources we devote to proactive planning.

In the worst case scenario that there is a travel ban authorized by the Dept. of State or the CDC raises the warning to a Level 3 for Orlando, then we will work to re-schedule your trip later when it is safe to travel, or refund the participants. At this time, we don’t expect it to affect your trip. Our Medical Director, Dr. Neal Sikka, from George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine continues to monitor the situation and advises that all travelers, regardless of the destination, can follow standard hygiene practices to stay healthy – washing hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, avoid contact with ill people, etc. The risk of contracting coronavirus outside of China remains very low, and our partners advise that it remains safe to travel in your chosen destination.


Mark Arslanian | Director of Performance & Events Sales
800.684.1787 (direct)

Trip Experiences

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Trip questions should be directed to Kimberly Summers at Brightspark

School questions should be directed to northernmusicboosters3@gmail.com